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"Harmonize natural unevenness, asymmetric pattern and complex color to portray the beauty of the nature. Taking sufficient time to dye and yarn natural flavors and tenderness of materials to preserve their original characters and deliver them into the hands of you."





We are thrilled to introduce Noro yarns to our customers -- beginning with Taiyo. If you've been drawn to Noro's color and patterning before, but found the yarn too rough, Taiyo is perfect for you. A blend of mostly cotton and silk with a bit of wool and nylon, the resulting yarn is soft and easy to wear. Best of all it knits at the same gauge as Noro's Kureyon and Silk Garden, so it can be substituted in your favorite Noro patterns to give the same color patterning with a softer hand. (Keep in mind Taiyo comes in larger balls than Kureyon or Silk Garden, so you will require less skeins of Taiyo -- figure your total project yardage and then divide by 220 to estimate the balls of Taiyo required.)

A special offering of Noro Nadeshiko is also available. This is a chunky weight yarn that knits up with a subtle color variegation and a beautiful angora halo. Think of quick knit warm cowls, hats, and mittens!

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